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After nearly 6 months of not writing here, I remembered this journal existed.

It's hard to believe summer's almost over, and I'm going to be missing out on the things I like most about summer. Boyfriend(?) is at home, no VBS because of internship, no Camp Ammon for the same. But I love living here in Ripon; it's nice to have friends around me instead of having to drive 1/2 an hour to see someone. My internship is going about as well as expected. I am really enthusiastic about the reading portion; the writing portion makes me want to tear my hair out, although today Mockridge said she was happy with my rough draft, and that I should maybe try writing in double space, not single space, so that I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something. I should have thought of that.

My sleeping issues are starting to become less severe. Earplugs help, unless I am sick, in which case I can't hear anything anyway. The school seems to have stopped using the apartments as a walk-in freezer, so it's nice that the temperature in here has become a little bit more moderate. I was leary of living with Krystel and Talley simply because I don't know them that well. I have found that they are both amazing and I'm really, really sad that we'll be moving back to Mapes. I could totally "make do" with this living situation for at least another.. three years or so. Ha.

My paper should be finished sometime next week, in which case I'll be free to pursue some other activities (planning Changeling for one, researching grad school and other options, more importantly.) My mom's birthday is next Saturday. I'm not sure what I'm going to get her for it. I was thinking my brother and I could split the cost of a massage for her. I hear they're pretty pricey, but we'll see.

Unfortunately, there really isn't anything else interesting going on right now. I went shopping for food and couldn't believe (once again) how damn expensive it's gotten. *sigh* They were also out of bananas, so no bread for a while, I guess. 

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